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Tips for Ph.D. dissertation defense

Ph.D. dissertation defense isn’t just a describing of the research steps, but also it is the defense of the defender. It shows if the research is first class and worth and if the candidate can introduce the research results earnestly.

There are some Ph.D. defense tips, which will come in handy.

A Thought-out Thesis Proposal

Make your thesis proposal clear, precise and laconic. Such actions will ease your Ph.D. proposal defense and increase the probability of successful outcome.

Keep in Touch with the Committee

Meet your committee no fewer than one time between proposal and the process of defense. Also, send all copies of new publications to the committee and satisfy all the requirements emerging during the thesis proposal.

Organize Your Speech

Defending Ph.D. dissertation you need well-organized talk. To make an outstanding speaking engagement you should include in it:

  • ▪ Motivation (the problem essence, why it is important, is my solution new and unique);
  • ▪ Thesis (a brief statement, reflecting what will be defended or to denied);
  • ▪ The contract from thesis proposal (it sets the success boundaries and ease process of defending Ph.D.);
  • ▪ Work (widely introduce the work flow);
  • ▪ Show the relation of your research to similar researches. Why your research is better? What new did you offer?
  • ▪ Use illustrations and bright examples;
  • ▪ Say about the future of your work.


Practice everywhere you can is another dissertation defense advice. Only real practice makes your talk excellent.

Honest Answers

Answer all questions honestly, clearly and completely.

Psychological Tips

Use psychological tips – dress respectably, keep track of your posture and offer a snack to your committee.

Good luck with your defense!