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Research paper conclusion

What is it?

A conclusion of a research paper reiterates the topic, explains its importance, reminds what the researcher intended to prove, briefly summarizes the content and calls to action when suitable. It’s recapitulation with reflection that is expected to be relevant to the target audience. Steps to writing a conclusion for a research paper:

  • 1) restate – go back to your main argument, go through the highlights and say them in a different way;
  • 2) relate – make the topic universally applicable or at least relatable to the reader;
  • 3) remember – go back to thesis and address the problem/correct the assumption.

Specifics of writing research paper conclusion

Mind conclusion ‘Dos’:

  • 1) provide a stronger, more detailed version of the thesis (don’t copy and paste the thesis from your intro, no one likes reading the same thing over and over again), repackage it somehow;
  • 2) instil a sense of reflection – inspire the audience think of the given subject (it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to leave them with a question, rather give ideas they can reflect on);
  • 3) bring it all together – bring these main points altogether to draw a conclusion for research paper.

Why is it so problematic to write a research paper conclusion?

Consider ‘Don’ts’ for conclusion paragraph for research paper:

  • 1) don’t restate key ideas –your conclusion shouldn’t be read like a list, you can touch the key points as long they are fully repackaged;
  • 2) don’t introduce new things – that’s what the body is for, keep all the new items out of your conclusion;
  • 3) don’t start with ‘To conclude’, ‘To summarise,’ or anything like this –a concluding paragraph should naturally have this ending feel, if it doesn’t, it looks like a body paragraph, go back and rewrite it.

Research paper conclusion

Making the above mistakes often turns the writing quite challenging and unsuccessful.

Approaches used by our company in writing research paper conclusion

If you’re concerned with ‘Help me write a conclusion paragraph’ thing, our company can gladly assist. Our writers will draw all the main ideas of the study together to create a valid conclusion. They:

  • ▪ can call to action;
  • ▪ suggest results or consequences of the topic;
  • ▪ look to the future (where is this topic going?);
  • ▪ evoke a vivid image (use descriptive writing to make audience feel they are experienced in the area);
  • ▪ provide full circle ending – this isn’t restating your intro hook, this is making its logical continuation.

Why our company is the best?

We offer a full range of services to assist with research papers, including conclusion. Note, with us you won’t be given a conclusion made out of nothing, this will be a solid paragraph relevant to the general direction of the study and, surely, findings section of a research paper. Among our services is preparing research paper conclusion outline. Order one to work on it further to develop your own brilliant conclusion.

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