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Research paper assignment

What is it?

Research assignments are impossible without gathering facts and evidence on the subject but also they suppose analysis and drawing conclusions based on the research found.

Specifics of writing research paper assignment

The core steps to completing any research project are research, analysis, and integration (writing). Develop your own organizational system, it may be coloured index cards that help you to retrieve information easily, or a very clear file system with labelled documents that helps you to find the materials when you need them. As you develop your research, make sure you write everything down, make photocopies, highlight the key ideas, underline the core concepts. Write down clearly and completely the publication details. At the analysis stage, look at the information that you’ve compiled and check if it fits your thesis. Ensure you get rid of the irrelevant information. Don’t strive to include everything, include the evidence that relates. When integrating your research and analysis, get down all your ideas on paper. You’ll have many revision opportunities to refine them but be sure to start with brainstorming in writing.

Research paper assignment

Why is it so problematic to write a research paper assignment?

Working on a high school research paper assignment, you will use all the skills you learned at different times: reading, writing, organizing and planning, note taking, and thinking clearly.

Sometimes the hardest part of any research paper assignment is just knowing where to start. Put all your thoughts in an outline or a roadmap for writing a great paper.

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