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As qualified essay writers are the core strength of our services, we are always in the search for writing professionals that can match up to the tough task of consistently providing us with quality work. In order to make sure that we only hire the cream of the writing community, we have come up with a challenging test to evaluate their literary skills and experience as a writer. But first and foremost, any prospective writer has to meet the following set of requirements:
1. Be a native English speaker; 2. Holder of an MA or PhD degree; 3. Have a minimum of at least 2 years of writing experience
Once the above parameters are met, the applicants are asked to sit for the test and generally only 1 in every 800 becomes eligible to join our writing team. The ones who join are really brilliant in their academic skills, and can perform a wide variety of tasks which include consultation, experimentation, research and multitasking. Top professionals from various fields choose to work with us and the main reason for that is that a writing job like this allows them to earn some great easy money. Although all or most of the writers already have full time jobs, they still prefer to work as a part time writer as it is a great way to have a side career. Obviously this means that we pay our writers generously, but don’t let that give you the idea that our services are costly and out of reach for many. In fact, our prices are around 14% less than what is highest in this line of business. One thing we ensure our clients is that they always get what they pay for.
автора2 Name: Emily Woods
Date of birth: 05.12. 1977
Country: Australia
Academic degree: PhD, Technology &Maths, University of Canberra
Reference styles: APA, MLA, Oxford, Vancouver, Harvard
Subjectarea: Exact sciences, Mathematics, Statistics, Energy and global engineering technologies
Experience: I posse top skills in writing scientific pieces for online blogs and for local science-related journals. I also write short articles on macroeconomics and finance for students. Being a freelance writer I’ve completed more than two hundreds of high-school and college essays on various topics. My essays allow students improve their grades impressively. I am familiar with all essay requirements, set by US and UK Universities.Due to my considerable experience in science and technology-related fields, customers consider me one of the best research paper writers. I can handle complex dissertations with burning dead lines.
Completed orders, average per month 22

автора2 Name: Andrew Smith
Date of birth: 09.04.1981
Country: USA
Academic degree: PhD, Health and Social Sciences, San Francisco State University. Bachelor degree in Environmental Science, The University of California, Berkeley
Reference styles: APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, Oxford
Subjectarea: Environmental problems, Recycling technologies, Alternative energy, Geography, Healthcare, Social researches
Experience: I perform sophisticated style in composing essays, writing everything from scratch. The majority of my clients are international University students, studying in US.I stick to highest academic standards and know exactly what professors expect from the essays. I do research papers (17 completed works), dissertations revisions as well as high-quality essays on topics mentioned above.Dozens of pieces for online blogs were written and published during last 11 months..
Completed orders, average per month 17

автора4 Name: Clara Jones
Date of birth: 14.08.1974
Country: Canada
Academic degree: MS in English literature, The University of British Columbia. MA in Arts Management, Queens University Belfast
Reference styles: APA, MLA, Oxford, Chicago, Vancouver, Harvard
Subjectarea: Arts, Social sciences, History of Arts, Theatre, Blogging, Pedagogy, Psychology, English literature, World history, Politics, Historical personalities
Experience: Articles at online magazines and websites reviews are being published regularly. I complete ten-fifteen pieces for variety of blogs per month. Social nets posts, radio commercials. Having one of the highest scores among academic writers (based on customers’ preferences), I’ve completed about 250 essays last year. Few research papers and reports were written for academic audience. Every research I provide in any paper is of excellent accuracy. Purely authentic written from scratch content guaranteed.
Completed orders, average per month 18

автора3 Name: Jonathan Mosley
Date of birth: 15.06.1972
Country: Australia
Academic degree: MA in Psychological and Clinical Sciences, Charles Darwin University; BA in Philosophy, The University of Adelaide
Reference styles: APA, MLA, Harvard, Oxford, Vancouver
Subjectarea: Psychology, Science history, Biology, Philosophy, Clinical researches, Microbiology
Experience: Research papers writing is what I am best at. I write based on verified and reliable online and offline sources, using own extensive knowledge as well. Seventeen research papers were accomplished last year, more than a 200 of essays. Scientific articles on biology and clinical psychology are publishing regularly at a well-known Australian and American resources (online mainly). If you are choosing among academic writers, please note, that I have almost 100% ofcompleted orders with positive references (feedback from students).
Completed orders, average per month 15

avtor_2 Name: Elizabeth Williams
Date of birth: 21.01.1976
Country: USA
Academic degree: MBA, M.Accy in Accountancy, George Washington University
Reference styles: MLA, APA, Vancouver, Oxford, Chicago, Harvard.
Subjectarea: Accounting, Finance, Money management, Stock exchange, Financial law, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), Business restructuring, Bankruptcy
Experience: Analytical articles, dissertations on Finance and M&A, research papers of any level of complexity. Being a certified expert among top research paper writers, I provide the paper of smart structure, and the content with perfect citation. Whatever the amount of work and complexity of the topic I handle it in short terms. I provide reviews and do proofread of every piece I write. I have accomplished four dissertations (accounting and law topics) last half a year. I work efficiently as a team with the customer, putting into papers every remarks and instructions my client makes.
Completed orders, average per month 20

автора8 Name: Doris Hiller
Date of birth: 12.07.1974
Country: United Kingdom
Academic degree: MA in communication and Media Sciences, The University of Manchester; PhD in Modern and Ancient Languages.
Reference styles: APA, MLA, Oxford, Vancouver, Harvard
Subjectarea: PR, Media communications, Literature, History of languages, Philology, Journalism, Politics, Social Sciences
Experience: Customers, who are looking for top research paper writers, can rely on my extensive practical experience. I have about 35 research papers in my writing record. Few of my articles are published at local magazines; I also work as an expert for two online blogs about Media environment and its problems. Currently writing my book about business communications. I can easily handle both college essays (topics, related to my field of knowledge) and complex dissertations and I stick to instructions and guidelines under any circumstances.
Completed orders, average per month 18

автора9 Name: Patrick Bowen
Date of birth: 14.06.1984
Country: United Kingdom
Academic degree: MS in Biology and Biochemistry, BA in Energy and Environmental Studies, the University of Nottingham
Reference styles: MLA, APA, IEEE, Chicago, Vancouver, Oxford, Harvard
Subjectarea: Biochemistry, biology, Renewable energy, Global environmental and climate problems, Healthcare, Social communications
Experience: More than 300 of biology and environment-related topics were highlighted in essays, written by me during last year and a half. My customers are international students, who are having lack of specific knowledge and proper English writing skills. I handle variety of topics and guarantee the content of absolute authenticity. Currently I am one of the authors of local scientific newspaper, writing articles as an expert in healthcare problems.
Completed orders, average per month 20

автора12 Name: Derek Moore
Date of birth: 14.07.1981
Country: Canada
Academic degree: MS in Engineering, University of Toronto
Reference styles: APA, MLA, Vancouver, Harvard, Chicago, Oxford
Subjectarea: Mechanical engineering, electrical and hydraulic engineering, fire-protecting engineering, architectural engineering, automotive, aerospace aeronautics and telecommunications engineering
Experience: I write and publish (online) analytical researches on newest discoveries and methods of hydraulic and electrical engineering. Being a certified specialist, I develop and write manufactories’ engineering safety instructions and guidelines. I gladly help students in writing excellent essays and research papers, applying my own knowledge and concepts. I am aware of all major universities styles and do relevant formatting as a bonus for my returning customers.
Completed orders, average per month 17

автора11 Name: William Hill
Date of birth: 22.03.1980
Country: United Kingdom
Academic degree: BA in Literature, Religion and Theology, The University of Arts London
Reference styles: APA, MLA, IEEE, Harvard, Chicago, Vancouver, Oxford
Subjectarea: English and world literature, Classic and modern arts, Religions, History and development of Theology, History of music
Experience: My writing experience goes beyond composing high-school essays and academic papers (including research papers). I am a full-time job writer for one of the biggest online magazines, dedicated to arts and culture. My customers are students of arts and religion faculties, who are facing lack of time for making their essays brilliant. Since I consider myself one of the most professional academic writers I provide unparallel quality in everything I do, which is proved by the high coefficient of positive feedbacks.
Completed orders, average per month 17

автора5 Name: Susan Trevor
Date of birth: 17.02.1978
Country: Australia
Academic degree: MS in Applied Information Technologies
Reference styles: IEEE, MLA, APA, Vancouver, Oxford, Chicago, Harvard
Subjectarea: IT financial management, Management of organizations, budgeting, controlling, business strategies, IT security of business processes
Experience: I obtained professional skills in writing IT-related pieces for local and international online resources. My writing “luggage” is about 300 of essays and scientific articles, being published and paid. Having essential amount of knowledge I can handle essays and research papers equally good whatever the deadlines. I prefer team work with my customers to make sure the outcome is exactly what my client expects to receive. I provide formatting on demand
Completed orders, average per month 20

автора6 Name: Barry Weldon
Date of birth: 03.05.1984
Country: USA
Academic degree: Ms in Mass Communication, Florida International University
Reference styles: APA, MLA, Oxford, Chicago, Vancouver, Harvard
Subjectarea: Media, PR, business communications, Social sciences, history, modern art, media-related topics, speechwriting
Experience: With the main specialization as a speechwriter, I’ve accomplished hundreds of essays and articles on communication-related topics. Average amount of pieces done per month – 20-25. Currently I am working on position of part-time writer at the local magazine (both at offline and online versions). As a freelance essays writer I consider myself one of the most responsible and reliable authors, providing exclusive content and superior accuracy of all included data (when it comes to research papers).
Completed orders, average per month 19

avtor_3 Name: Paul Warner
Date of birth: 06.07.1968
Country: USA
Academic degree: MS in Applied Natural Resource Economics, MS in Geological Engineering, Michigan Technological University
Reference styles: APA, MLA, Vancouver, Harvard, Oxford, Chicago
Subjectarea: Geology, Engineering, Natural resources, mining, coastal engineering, construction technologies, seismic engineering, etc.
Experience: Seven dissertations have been written for the period of eleven months. Numerous articles, blog posts and analytical reviews have been published and received positive feedbacks. Being a certified specialist in engineering field, I can easily handle complex analytical and research pieces, based on verified online and offline sources and using own vast knowledge. I was named one of the most demanded and popular research paper writers according to customers’ choice.
Completed orders, average per month 22

автора7 Name: Rachel Miller
Date of birth: 16.11.1982
Country: Australia
Academic degree: Master of Arts (Research), Victoria University
Reference styles: APA, MLA, Oxford, Harvard, Vancouver, Chicago
Subjectarea: Strategic communications, literature, history, accounting, management of business processes, business strategies, corporate finance management
Experience: Along with being a very productive essays and research papers writer, I am brilliant in writing engaging, motivating and selling texts as well (direct marketing letters, welcome-letters, landing pages, news letters, etc.). Using variety of writing techniques and styles I provide professionally composed pieces with the absolute authenticity. I do revisions and corrections as many times as it needed until my customer decides the paper is finally perfect. Free formatting according to the needed style.
Completed orders, average per month 19

avtor_4 Name: David Woodward
Date of birth: 29.04.1976
Country: United Kingdom
Academic degree: BA in Engineering, The University of Edinburg
Reference styles: APA, MLA, Vancouver, Oxford, Harvard, Chicago
Subjectarea: Engineering, construction technologies, geology, geography, exact sciences, gambling, video games
Experience: A variety of content for online resources, blogs, magazines. Game scripts reviews are publishing regularly (as my hobby). Writing up to 30 essays per month, I can handle vast majority of high-school essays’ topics: from exact sciences to literature and arts. I have extensive experience in writing search engine optimized content for the websites. Being an academic freelance writer for over the eight last years I deliver top-notch quality along with the fast pace of writing. I am aware of all Universities and college standards and do formatting on demand.
Completed orders, average per month 17

avtor_5 Name: Philip Waters
Date of birth: 24.09.1984
Country: USA
Academic degree: MS in Pharmacology, State University of New York Upstate Medical University
Reference styles: APA, MLA, Vancouver, Oxford, Harvard, Chicago
Subjectarea: General medicine, biochemistry, pharmacology, epidemiology, surgery, genetics, biology, medical innovations, healthcare, diets, healthy lifestyle, physical culture.
Experience: Experience Over the 20 of dissertations (medicine-related), research papers on healthcare, epidemiology, pharmacology have been written purely from scratch for the last half-a-year. The deadline (the time frame set by the customer) is the one of my highest (never violated) priorities. Thus, whatever the complexity and the urgency of the assignment, it will be done in a masterly way, in absolute compliance with detailed instructions and guidelines. Formatting and revisions on demand.
Completed orders, average per month 20

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