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How to write an essay introduction

Just imagine yourself a teacher, in front of who there is a great number of essays to be checked and faithfully evaluated. It takes a lot of time, is not it? So what can speed up the process and interest you so that the satisfaction and delight would fill your mind and heart?

Ability to impress and motivate the reader - is an assurance of success in writing a work. So how to write a good essay introduction? Below we have listed the main aspects.

Essay introduction writing tips

  • ▪ Compelling introduction to the essay is a guarantee that you don't send the reader to a sleep. The reader always pays attention to the first paragraph. That's why it's necessary to express in it a concise form of the entire text so that the reader wouldn't doubt about your competence on the considered topic. Create the impression of erudition and familiarity with the scientific works in the discipline. Gain the authority.

  • ▪ Saturation comments and interesting facts make the text "tempting". It is not necessary to "bring grist to mill".

  • ▪ Do you like to reflect your thoughts on paper, touching philosophy and psychology? Well, do not be surprised if your essay will lay aside "until the next time." Show your uniqueness.

  • ▪ Persuasive essay is a clever tactic of the expression and conviction of the reader. Do not duplicate information, highlight main points, connect them with a history, or indicate an interesting quote.

  • ▪ A comparative and contrastive introduction to an essay - is effective method of writing an exciting assignment. The first step is to select two items that are sufficiently different to opposing but similar enough to be compared. You have to do this analysis, the result of which will be clear conclusions in the form of theses.

  • ▪ When writing a college essay introduction you need to know exactly what is required from you (number of words, research), the purpose of the essay and then to whom you are writing it.