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How to write an article review

Writing an "article review" is rather difficult task, because it requires a certain organization and familiarity with the basics of writing. It represents the evaluation and review of the work of a writer, mostly scientific.

The main practical goal of the paper is an acquaintance. There are some criterions that are essential elements of the review.

Tips on how to do a successful article review

  • ▪ Carefully read all the paper and underline with the pen or marker those sections that are going to be the most valuable to you. Make notes.

  • ▪ Write down all the unknown words and find their meaning. Compare them with context.

  • ▪ Discuss the problem of the text with the competent person in the corresponding region.

  • ▪ With the help of interviews and surveys, gather as much extra information as possible. It will make your paper more accurate and rich with information.

  • ▪ Make a list of your thoughts. Use only reliable facts to justify your opinion.

  • ▪ Stick to the effective time-management. Separate your plans due to time.

  • ▪ Beginning of your review must cite to the title of the article in the first paragraph. Don't forget to mention the author's name.

  • ▪ Follow the style of writing. Do not forget about the explaining and expressing your own point of view.

  • ▪ The most important thing in the article review is total summary. You have to value all the foregoing briefly and show the contribution of scientist to the further researches in the field.