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How to Write a Review of an Article Using the Correct Structure

Being a piece of formal academic writing, article review is still known for freedom of the student’s thoughts and ideas when writing it. This presents a certain interest for one working on the assignment.

On the one side, they should observe a well-established structure, on the other, much subjectivity is allowed when developing the sections of this organization. How to critically review an article given these two statements?

First, let’s consider the standard structure of an article review. Start with introduction. Announce the author and the title. Introduce the topic. Present the key argument. Provide a brief assessment of the article. Proceed with a succinct summary. Then comes the review itself.

How to write a review of an article? Discuss and evaluate the key arguments of the research. Decide on your overall judgement and present it. Include recommendations for improvement, if appropriate.

Go on to the conclusion and references. In the concluding section you restate your overall opinion; in the references you provide citations of the used sources (apart from the assigned article, these can be outside works to support your thinking).

How to write a review on article efficiently? Use summarizing and paraphrasing skills to render the content and analytical and critical evaluation skills to decipher it for the audience.

Another hint on how to write review on article successfully is to select an article that not only presents some scientific value but also looks appealing to you. Practice shows that articles which students review better are those they find captivating.

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