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How to Write a Management Case Study Using Relevant Sources

One cannot overestimate the role of a successful management case study in development of a business strategy of a company. Even if the suggested idea has a strong potential but the document is weak in content, organization and presentation, the idea loses its brightness and novelty.

The stronger the case study document is the more chances it has for approval. How to write a management case study that is successful?

Use of relevant sources

A good management case study is impossible without a proper background research executed with relevant sources relating to management situations in business. The research should be conducted with the quality research methods, like case study research or action research. It is necessary that the sources reveal practical application of the given case study. Past scenarios related to successfully implemented business plans can also be examined to collect the data and check feasibility of the present research.

Analysis of the selected data

After you review the relevant sources, you need to select the data and analyse it using various methods. The recommended procedure for the analysis comprises such steps as examination, categorization, tabulation, and selecting valuable evidence. Use general analytic strategies to conduct your investigation.

Management case study format

Consider the following structure for your paper: title page, executive summary, contents, introduction, report body, conclusions, appendices, references. Mind there is no universal format for case studies. You may develop the one given your instructor’s specifications and situation but remember to include all key elements. Also, bear in mind that case studies are usually presented as reports, therefore, they possess features those of reports.