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How to Start an Article Review

Article review is an academic piece of writing that presents a critical analysis and a precis of the assigned article. The way you present the article impacts the reader’s assumption of it.

Wondering how to start an article review? Here you go!

Read the article. Don't allow yourself passive reading. Begin by reading for the big picture. Then do the close reading. Scanning the article for the third time, highlight essential ideas and write down topic words, issues or essential quotes. Take notes with statistics, if any.

Create a concise outline of the article. Put down the author’s argument, their main points and supporting statements. Include the core ideas without providing your personal evaluation. Some may prefer mind mapping here.

Decide on a title and place a complete citation of the item. Think of something attractive that reflects your review. Beneath the title, cite the article following the rules of the assigned citation style.

Start your writing by introducing the author (some important facts about the writer will be appropriate) and the article title (if it is somehow specific, try to explain its origin, if known). Refer to the item the article appears in and provide publication details. Your review will benefit from some hook for the readers in the introduction but remember to sound formal. Mind the introduction-review itself-personal evaluation-conclusion structure of your paper.

Be sure to fully understand the article not to mislead the audience. You play a role of the so-called interpreter between the author and the audience. Support your thinking in writing using references and specific examples. You may consider outside sources in case respected authors have reviewed the article before. Acknowledge any influences correctly.

How to begin an article review? Stop thinking and start writing!