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How to Prepare a PhD Proposal

Thesis proposal is considered to be one of the trickiest milestones for those striving for PhD. The thing is that the faculty sees dissertation proposal a kind of a contract, i.e. they agree that if a learner takes all the steps they outline in the proposal, the faculty grants a doctoral degree.

Thus, the faculty takes PhD proposal really seriously and they will never pass a thing not up to their specifications.

Let’s see how to prepare a PhD proposal that will get a pass with the least objections.

A solid thesis proposal shall contain a clearly defined thesis statement and a specific plan addressing it. The remaining part of the proposal is all about supporting these two components. How to prepare thesis for PhD? Prepare a fairly short sentence in which you state how the world will benefit from your dissertation. This should be a declarative, explicit, and defensible statement. The thesis goes in the opening lines of your proposal.

Thinking of a proposal as of a contract, the proposal plan can be seen as the conditions of this contract. The right plan determines overall success of the research project.

What makes a proposal plan good?

  • ▪ an overview of research milestones and rough completion dates;
  • ▪ contingencies, including possibilities of failure;
  • ▪ criteria to define the milestones completion.

The proposal plan can be neither vague, nor unspecific.

Supporting ingredients of your proposal are:

  • ▪ a summary of related studies;
  • ▪ learner’s preliminary work on the research problem;
  • ▪ a review of research challenges.

Now when you know how to prepare PhD proposal, take the challenge and present a quality piece to the respected committee. Remember your proposal defense is your chance to get the committee’s protection and assurance needed for your upcoming research. So, don’t miss it!