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How to Do an Article Review on Journal Articles

A well-prepared review on journal articles is the one giving the editor an unbiased advice on whether the piece is worth publishing or not. In this review the author critically evaluates the article and offers suggestions for improvements.

The review sounds thoughtful and constructive, and justifies the reviewer’s conclusions. How to do an article review on journal articles?

  • ▪ Skim through the given article and then do the close reading.

  • ▪ Understand the subject and the overall purpose of the article.

  • ▪ Evaluate the effectiveness of the methods used to complete the task.

  • ▪ Admit the comments the author makes throughout the article, if any.

  • ▪ Assess the findings and contribution of the research.

  • ▪ Check how the article is organised.

Can you trace the main argument consistently through introduction to concluding notes? Is it logically developed and justified by supportive claims? Does the author provide a comprehensive literature review on the researched problem? Check the writing style. Is the writing clear, concise and correct? Answer these questions and you'll get a better feeling of how to review a scholarly article correctly.

Also, those knowledgeable of how to review an article for publication admit that the reviewer should evaluate how much revision may be needed. Anticipate revision opportunities in your review.

Does the article look encouraging to invest time and efforts in revisions? Don’t focus on weaknesses only. Admit the strengths. As an objective reviewer, be fair in your judgements and acknowledge the biases, if any. Conclude about the piece and present your conclusion to the editor.

Remember to check your own writing. It should be free of language mistakes. Check the tone and the style. Ensure you don’t sound nasty or arrogant.

Follow us and learn how to review an academic article. Though two processes are quite similar, there are still minor differences worth knowing about.