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Writing by Citation Style

What is it?

When you write an essay, dissertation or another kind of work, you need to use different writing formats. Ideas created by other authors can be used but you should make a direct quote or acknowledgement. Otherwise it’ll look like a plagiarism. Depending on the kind of work, writers use different writing formats described below.

Writing formats

MLA style. It is one of the most popular writing formats that is extensively used in the arts (drama, theatre, cultural studies) and human sciences. Also it can be used in English studies such as comparative literature and criticism. The main distinctive characteristic is parenthetical referencing to author’s page number. Many journals and presses in art and culture use this citation style.
 APA style. Also called American Psychological Association Style and it is used in psychology and social, behavioral sciences. This citation style for scientific writing is widely used, also with modifications in scientific presses and journals about medicine and health.
CMS style (CMOS). One of the most common type of citation writing formats in the USA since it was published at first in 1906 year by University of Chicago Press. Often used in social sciences such as economics and history.
Turabian style. It derived from CMOS but has no quotation marks in reference lists and compulsory access to date citation.
ASA style. It’s a work cited format in the sociology field, fixing the right arrangement of punctuation and footnotes in citations.
CSE style. It includes ASME and ICMJE. This is citation style for scientific writing and medical researches.
Writing by citation style

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